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Happy New Blog?

A screenshot from Animal Crossing New Horizons. 2021 is written in the sky with fireworks
New Year’s Eve on Sildëyuir, my Animal Crossing island.

So, it’s been a while since I made an attempt at this whole blogging thing. I registered this domain last year and even made getting this site up and running as one of my numerous new year’s resolutions for 2020 (I know, I know) but hey, better late than never right? My only resolution for this year is to do something creative every day, no matter how small, just because it makes me feel better. Thankfully, I’ve already done some knitting today so I’m not relying on whatever spews forth here to tick that box.

I’m still in that weird period of liminal flux where everything in my life is up in the air while nothing noteworthy is really happening so I’m not sure I even have anything to say that would be worth writing here. However, the volatile and ephemeral nature of social media platforms has made me want somewhere a little bit more permanent to call home on the internet, somewhere that people who I might not have heard from in a while or have stopped using this app or playing that game can find me (should they wish to!) I’m not great at keeping in touch with people individually as the more I like a person the more nerve-racking I find communicating with them to be (what are brains and how do they work??) but hopefully I’ll be able to keep everyone updated in a more general sense here. Hopefully.

I make no promises as to how often this site will be updated, I’m going to aim for once a week but it’ll more likely be whenever I feel like I have something to say that doesn’t fit on Twitter or I just have a bunch of cute Animal Crossing screenshots I want to chuck somewhere. There’s some bits on the layout of this site that I need to tweak too, though that depends on whether I can get off my bum to install Photoshop on the new PC – the new PC that I’ve had for well over a month now. Yeah…. Probably a bunch of other bits and pieces I need to fix or add but I’ll get around to it eventually.

I’m going to be changing the odd username here and there too so they all match up and hopefully point anyone interested in the right direction which is apparently good for this nebulous force called “SEO” but I’m just glad not to have so many different handles to remember. I have no delusions that I’m speaking to anyone beyond myself and the frankly baffling new(?) WordPress editor, which is seriously making me long for the days where blog posts were written, formatting and all, in a Notepad file but still, it’s nice to be saying something in a place that I have a little bit more control over.

Anyway, may this be the first post of at least more than a handful so I don’t feel guilty in January 2022 and a happy new year to us all.